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At Northgate You Can Expect...

A “come as you are” atmosphere where everyone is welcome...
An exciting, themed children’s area with screened & trained volunteers – From loving care in the nursery to fun music in the elementary class, your child will be cared for in a safe, loving and encouraging environment...
An engaging Middle School & High School program designed to connect students with God's Word in a way that makes sense...
Rockin’ praise band music with a contemporary vibe, where the drums keep a high energy beat & the acoustic guitars chime out rhythms & melodies...
Relevant messages that apply to real life – Every week we know you'll laugh, be challenged to think, & walk away with something to put in practice!

Frequently Asked Questions

Wear whatever is comfortable because we have a "come as you are" atmosphere. If you want to wear shorts, go for it! If you like to wear flip-flops, wear 'em! Got tattoos? Don't hide 'em! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable to show up on Sunday and give church a try.
Here at Northgate, one of the ways that we worship is through singing songs. The Sunday services offer quality music with a full band. We use every style of music to engage our church which includes some rock, hymnals, and much more. The songs are easy to learn and fun to sing; you'll find yourself humming them all week!
The Sunday Services last a little over an hour.
The weekend messages at Northgate are God-inspired, Bible-based teachings. Every week we know you'll laugh, be challenged to think, and walk away from the service with something to practice in the coming week.

What People Are Saying...

As soon as we got to the front doors, we were greeted and welcomed in with open arms. I like that.
Anonymous Survey Response
Many people in the foyer that seemed involved...not just attending.
Anonymous Survey Response
The sermon it was very useful. And I saw that you have more intense Bible classes on Sunday Night.
Anonymous Survey Response
The stage was very cool for the worship team. Aside from this, your $1.00 giving program to someone local is amazing and touched both of our hearts.
Anonymous Survey Response
Love worship, the message and what you’re doing for the community.
Anonymous Survey Response
I liked the worship and the kids’ ministry is important to me.
Anonymous Survey Response
I felt that the pastor was right on biblically and felt the holy spirit there, and my son who is 12 enjoyed listening to the service and got a lot out of it. He liked it and wanted to stay and I felt comfortable there as well.
Anonymous Survey Response
I have only attended two times so far, both of which services I truly enjoyed. I felt very welcome and I loved both of Pastor Ken’s sermons. The messages are very clear, easy to understand, and sincerely heartfelt. I will definitely be back. Thank you
Anonymous Survey Response
The worship and sermon were both great at our first and second visit. We will definitely be back again!
Anonymous Survey Response
I cried. It felt good to praise and worship again. I hadn't been attending church for a few years. So just feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit was great!
Anonymous Survey Response

Directions & Times

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